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Cannot reach 1 website. Internet Explorer does not recognize it.

Using Internet explorer I can reach all websites except 1 which happens to be one that is used frequently.  Others can reach the site fine.  Any suggestions?

Solutions to the Problem Cannot reach 1 website. Internet Explorer does not recognize it.

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Hi skipjack49,

a. Were you able to visit that website earlier on your computer?
b. What’s the website address?
c. Are you getting any error messages while trying to visit that website?
Temporarily disable security software’s and check if the problem persists.
Make sure you enable it back.

You may also try adding that site to Trusted sites and check.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Navigate to the website that you want to add to the list of trusted sites.
3. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
4. Click the Security tab, and then click Trusted sites.
5. Click the Sites button.

The website address should appear in the Add this website to the zone box.
(If the website address doesn’t appear in the box then, add it manually)

6. If the site is not a secure site (HTTPS), clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
7. Click Add, and then click Close.

If still the same problem persists then, visit the below link and try the troubleshooting steps provided there.

Hope this information is helpful.
Let me know if this worked.
Thanks and Regards:
Umesh P - Microsoft Support

Boot in Safe Mode:

  • Open Run command as previously descrembed
  • Type MSConfig
  • Click on Boot tab
  • Tick Safe boot in Boot option
  • Select Network
  • Click Apply and OK
  • Reboot your system

Your system will boot in Safe mode with Networking. You may now try and open Windows Store and should not see any errors.

Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: Cannot reach 1 website. Internet Explorer does not recognize it.:

How to Fix Cannot reach 1 website. Internet Explorer does not recognize it. with SmartPCFixer?

1. Click the button to download SmartPCFixer . Install it on your system.  Open it, and it will perform a scan for your system. The junk files will be shown in the list.

2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems need to be repaired. Click Fix All.

3. When the Fixing part is done, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been fixed

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